Who are Our Clients


TLM’s Current Segment of Clients

Small Traders:
  • Live in urban and rural areas
  • Earn daily income less than AUD$2
  • Have small business capital (generally < Rp.15 million
  • Cannot access bank services (have no collateral)
  • Have potential to grow
Poor Farmers:
  • Rural subsistence farmers
  • Live in virtually cashless communities
  • Have limited suitable lands
  • Very few assets
  • Limited market access
Low Salary Workers:
  • Earn very small salary
  • Operate a small businesses to supplement their income



Individual Client

KUM Client

Key Lending Criteria*

  • The applicant must possess an official identity card showing the area in which they currently live is in the area TLM serves (ie: to get that means the client must have been there for a reasonable amount of time, minimum 6 months)
  • The applicant must demonstrate ownership of a business/having regular income every month. The business has been managed for at least 6 months when the application is submitted.
  • The Applicant must be at least 18 years old and less than 63 years old (to allow insurance and for legal reason).
  • The Applicant must be prepared to open a bank account with TLM’s BPR.
  • The applicant should have to be honest in providing information if they have any outstanding debts with other financial institution or people. TLM does not require clients to close down other loans but be honest about what other loans/debt they have, this is done for the benefit of business assessment and client’s capacity to repay their loan.
  • The client’s current business can cover the repayments & interest of the upcoming loan.


* These are not the full list of criteria

Please contact the nearest TLM Branch Office for more Information.

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