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End of 2011 Devotion

fill the attendance list

Fill the attendance list






Attended by the Board, Directors and staff





VG singing

Head Office





christmas candle

Light up the candle





Moment waited

The moment waited - gifts exchange





all got the gift

All got the gift

What's new at TLM


1. End of 2011 Devotion


TLM operation activities in 2011 ended on the 22nd of December. The end of operation activities is remarked by devotion at TLM head office as well as at each service area office.

devotion end of 2011

Devotion led by Rev. D. Oematan

After the devotion, the program was continued by the speech of Pembina, Pengurus and Director of TLM Foundation.

Board Speech CEO Speech

Board and CEO speech

This moment is also used to appreciate the staff who have been on time to come to the office during 2011.


Appreciated staff

Appreciate the staff

Exchange gifts and door prize is also the most expected moment at the end of 2011 devotion.

gift exchanged

gifts exchanged and door prize

This event was ended by having dinner together.


2. Opening of Service Area Office in Melolo – East Sumba

On September 27th, 2011 TLM opened 1 new service area office in Melolo, East Sumba District. The Melolo office is situated in Jl. Raya Melolo. By the opening of this service area office made up a total of 23 offices by September 2011.



Melolo office opening

Melolo Office Opening


3. TLM was rated by Planet Rating in September 2011

On the 12 – 19 September 2011, TLM was rated by Planet Rating. Interview was conducted with the board members, directors and related divisions head. Field visit was also madeto Kupang B and Camplong Office.


interview with HR Branch visit

Interview with HR team and branch visit

4. Opening of Service Area Office in Waingapu – East Sumba

On August 4th, 2011 TLM opened 1 new service area office in Waingapu, East Sumba District. This office was inaugurated by the vice regent of East Sumba. The Waingapu office is situated in Jl. Pahlawan No.6, Matawai, Waingapu.


Waingapu Team

Waingapu Team