An overview of the different programs we offer

TLM’s mission is to serve the poor of NTT with love. TLM primarily achieve this mission through providing financial products to those who have no access to normal financial markets (i.e. savings and lending products) such as banks.Currently TLM has four key financial products and a number of non-financial services on offer. For more information about any of the products please contact TLM

  Financial Programs  
Group Lending (KUM)
Clients are generally market traders
Groups self select members and live close by
Flexible group members
Loans are weekly for maximum 104 weeks
Loan sizes are varied for the group members based on needs and capacities
Client can complete loans before the end of their loan term with no interest charged
Group program
Achiever Program (Individual Lending)
Mainly clients graduate from Small Group (KUM) program
Clients are generally traders or kiosk owners
Flexible loan sizes (IDR 2 Million up to 15 Million)
Loans are monthly for 12 – 36 months
Clients repay loans directly to the branch offices
Loan disbursements takes place at branch office
Achiever Program
Cattle Fattening
Clients are formed into groups of 15-20 farmers from the same village
Member receive one cow each to be fattened
After 12 months the cattle are sold
Initial cost of the cattle is repaid to TLM along with 30% of the profit to cover administration
Members receive 60% of the profit
Groups receives 10% of the profit as Group Cash
Training on cattle feed, immunization etc. is provided
Cattle Fattening
Facilitating the provision of Life Insurance

TLM is partnering with an insurance company to provide life insurance for clients with a loan size above Rp. 500,000

  Non-Financial Programs  
Training and Mentoring

TLM provides training for group clients once a month.

The training covers financial management, entrepreneurship and market identification.

Group clients gather in a local church or community building for this training.

TLM also provides training for individual clients on a quarterly basis. This training is designed for clients based on their type of business

Emergency Response

TLM provides emergency assistance for community affected by natural disasters, the victims of persecutions and violence in NTT

Emergency relief

Community Development

Community development activities that TLM implements i.e.:

- Christian movie screening. Show community groups using a generator and LCD projector.

- Provide free medical treatment for community members in the village in collaboration with government Health Agency.

- Provide supplementary food for Sunday School children

- TLM also supports several orphanages, and provides scholarships for a number of poor children.


Food Security Program

TLM partnering with World Bank to implement food security program. This program has 3 components which are storage, fixed deposit and credit. The goal of this program are to develop and test cost-effective programs to enhance food security by empowering poor woman in West Timor and also to help poor people to utilize surplus in harvest to cope with the shortage in famine season. This program is implemented in 2 districts, Belu and TTS.

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food supplementary

Personal Spiritual Transformation
TLM provide personal spiritual transformation service for its clients. Counseling is provided to all clients that are in a difficult situation and need some help from TLM.
  Business Development Services  

Cattle Post

The cattle post is aimed as a quarantine / place to transit the young cattle before it is distributed to the community through Cattle Fattening Program. The main activity of this program is to buy and to improve the quality of young cattle through health care in the cattle post. 
The cattle posts are located in Baun, Kapan and Betun.

TLM Cattle Post
Marketing Through the Business Unit of Cooperative, TLM acts as an agent for client products to sell in bulk to external buyers