Meet Our Clients

Meet some of our clients

By the end of June 2010 TLM has 21,106 clients who are benefiting from the various programs and products that we offer. Below you will find profiles of some of these clients.

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Gasper Nabuasa

My name Gasper Nabuasa. I am originally was born in a little village named Kot’olin, situated about 150 km from Kupang. In 2004, I left my village to follow my brother who has already moved to Kupang for a job. We live in someone’s land that trusts us cultivating and planting crops. I had just got married to a 21 year old lady named Vita Amasana, 10 months ago. I do not have children but my wife is being pregnant right now.

We live in a modest house constructed by weed roof and palm tree branches wall. The whole floor is still made by earthen floor. The house contains of 3 bed rooms and a living room; in addition the kitchen and toilet are located separately from the main house. The typical foods that we consume every day are rice (we often eat corn) vegetables, fish and sometimes meat. It wasn’t difficult for us to find the side dishes such as vegetables and fish as we are planting vegetables and we also have a pond that grow fish. Our favourite food is fried/grilled fish.

I usually wake up at 4 am every morning, the first thing I do is praying to thank God for the brand new day, take a bath, have a cup of coffee and then I left home to go fishing at Oeba Harbour, about 5 km from my house. I am working as a fish monger who sells fish door to door. Every day, I go to the market early morning to buy the fresh fish directly from the fisherman’s boat and resells it around my village.

Prior to receive the loan assistance from TLM, I used to work as a minibus conductor or in local language we use terminology ’’konjak’’. By working as a “konjak” I can produce money about IDR 25,000 a day. The income generated from that job can only covers my daily meal, sometimes if the minibus is not operated I won’t gain any income and fully depends on my brother.

At the moment this is my fourth loan from TLM. My brother encouraged me at first to apply the loan so I can run my own business aside from working as a minibus conductor. Previously, I am applied a group loan of amounting IDR 500,000 from TLM to be used as the initial capital to plant vegetables. However, on the other side I am thinking to look for other business opportunities that allow me provide better income. Then I borrowed another loan of IDR 750,000 and currently IDR 1,500,000 for buying and selling fish. As soon as I joined TLM, I also become the member of saving client. I want to save the money to help cover the labour cost of my wife.

Currently with the initial capital that I have, I can produce daily income of averaging IDR 75,000 – 100,000, and IDR 250,000 – 300,000 as the weekly income. Personally, I am very grateful as I already have proper job and stable income at the moment. I realized that I am only a minibus conductor from the past with disorganized work hours and also bad social interaction. Currently, I fell better and more confident and decided to get married.

I would like to say thank you very much for my brother who had encouraged and supported me to gain the achievement in my life, and also for TLM, thank you for providing the loan for the poor client, especially for me. I want to say that keep trying and working hard is not for myself but also for our family and parents that we love.




Yumina Utan Tunfini

My name Yumina Utan Tunfini or people here called me Ina. I am married to Yandri Utan, a 52 year old building constructor. From the marriage, we have been blessed with 5 children. I live in Camplong Village, 45 minutes drive from Kupang. The village where I live has many water resources which flow throughout the seasons. The varieties of trees are grown for years along the road, it makes people feels comfortable and chilly when passes by the road. Coconuts and beetle nut tress also grows in line along the way. Most of the villagers are farmer; besides planting crops they also sell it directly to the traditional market on regular basis.

My house is constructed by palm tree branches wall, earthen floor and zinc roof. It has 3 bedrooms, a guest room and a living room. For local people like us the kitchen and toilet were built separately from the main house. I and the family member’s staple food are rice and corn. I have a small garden that provides some vegetables such as cassava leaves, papaya flower, and spinach and mustard greens for everyday consumption. We eat fish and meat only for special occasion or if we have more money. Our favourite food is “Jagung Katemak” a type of food contains corn, nuts, moringa leaves that cook altogether. Certainly, the taste would be better if we eat with sambal.

I have been running the business of selling vegetable at least 2 years. Within a week, I spend 4 days to operating the business. I buy the vegetables from the farmer after they just harvested and the sell it the following day. Kinds of vegetables depend on the availability according to planting season of the farmer. Yumina with her family

Previously, before I become one of the TLM members, the family income is relying solely to my husband. As a building constructor, My husband’s could only produce monthly income of approximately IDR 200, 000 – 300,000, and it could not better meet the whole house hold need and the educational fees of the children as well. This situation drove me to seek for additional income by selling vegetables. I started the business by using divided income system. I get the vegetables from the farmer without paying them at first but after all things are sold out I will divided the money with them. I got 40% and the rest goes to them. My weekly income is IDR 120,000.

I applied individual loan from TLM IDR 5,000,000 and happened 2 years ago. The loan has enabled me to start up the business without using divided income. The income also supported me to enlarge my business of selling fruits. Currently, I have my second loan amounting IDR 10,000,000. The availability on loan capital allows me to commence a pig fattening business. Currently, by having my own capital I can increase my previous income from averaging IDR 75.000 to 100.000 per week become IDR 250000-300000 every week. I also been a member of saving program once I joined TLM. Even though my value of saving is small but I don’t forget to save my money every month. This saving will be use to support my business capital in the future.

I am so grateful with the changes that happened in our life. I am no longer work to help my husband with relying on the compassion of others. I have my own capital and have better income. Thanks to a better income, we can build a better house than before. My first and second child can complete high school education. Even with current income, I can send my first child to college. This makes him more confident about the better future. On the other hand my second son prefers to take the computer course to enrich his computer skills before he look for a job. I want to see my children can continue their education up to University level and also they can get proper job too. I don’t want the difficult things that happened to us in the past happen again to them.



Magdalena Tamu Ina

Magdalena Tamu Ina is a 43 year old lady. She lives in Mboka Sub Village, Temu Village, Kambajawa Sub District, and East Sumba District. Magdalena only graduated from Elementary School and has never been involved in any training.

Magdalena is married to Dominggus Pandaloke, a 43 year old man and has been blessed with 4 children. The children are: Dominggus, 17 years old and is studying at the 2nd grade of Senior high school; Soleman, 15 years old and dropped out from school; Yunita, 12 years old and is studying at the 6th grade of Elementary school; Tini, 9 years old and is studying at the 2nd grade of Elementary School.

Magdalena is a hardworking woman; she works as a trader in Waingapu traditional market. She sells daily basic needs i.e. rice, corn, betel vine, betel nut, coffee, tea, coffee bean, small fish and fresh vegetable. Besides selling those items, Magdalena has a coffee stall at her kiosk so she can sell hot coffee, hot tea, coffee milk or milk to the customer. Her husband is working as a motor taxi driver. Magdalena has been a trader for years; she usually wakes up in early morning, around 4 am and went to the market. She has to arrive at the market early to serve the customer who ordered coffee from her coffee stall. Magdalena operates the business from 4 am until 5 pm. Her daughter usually assists her after school and during the holidays. In a day she could generate IDR 150,000 – 200,000 from coffee business and selling house hold needs.

Magdalena joined TLM 5 months ago. She received a loan of IDR 1,500,000 that was spent on rice, corn, coffee bean, salted fish, sugar, coffee bean, fresh vegetables etc. With the additional capital, Magdalena was able to generate income between IDR 200,000 – 350,000 a day. Magdalena works 7 days a week but on Sunday she runs the business after Sunday Service.

Magdalena saves her profit little by little every week. She plans to use the saving for her children schooling expenses as well as to increase her capital. Magdalena ever joined an Army Cooperative when she really needed the assistance for business capital. But after knew TLM, Magdalena sees that the program offerd by TLM is better than the Army Cooperative. Magdalena said that she is happy for joining TLM as it is a part of Christian Evangelical Church and it offers lower interest than any other cooperatives in her village. Magdalena also satisfied with the weekly repayment system; previously, with the Army Cooperative she had to repay the loan every day. She is grateful for having TLM service in her village and for receiving the assistance through the loan. Over the next twelve months, Magdalena has a dream to expand her business. She plans to add more stocks on her business place so she would able to generate more income than before.